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By: George Bitar, M.D. and Larry Lickstein, M.D.
Board Certified Plastic Surgeons

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty | Fairfax and Manassas, VAIntroduction

If you could change the shape of your nose without surgery, would you? With new technology, and improvements made with fillers (injectables), now you can! Would you like to? There are few perfect noses in this world. Since the “hey day” of the Greeks many criteria have been proposed to guide us towards the ideal dimensions of the aesthetically-pleasing nose, given that it is the centerpiece of the face. As our society becomes more ethnically diverse, so do the noses that a plastic surgeon has to address. You may seek a rhinoplasty for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the reason is self-consciousness about your nose’s appearance, and the belief that it makes you less attractive. People who could greatly benefit from a non-surgical rhinoplasty are people who would typically get nasal implants to augment their noses, such as Orientals, African-American, or Hispanic patients.

Although no one can argue with the superior results and permanency that surgery can afford a patient who seeks a surgical rhinoplasty, surgery is not for everyone. Some people prefer not to have surgery for health reasons, apprehension towards surgery, inability to afford the downtime or the cost, or simply because they are not sure they want a permanent result. A non-surgical rhinoplasty could be your answer.


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When someone looks in the mirror and is unhappy with their nose, there may be several factors that may cause them dissatisfaction. It could be a bump on the nose, an indentation, a scar, a deviated septum, an irregularity from a previous nose surgery, or a flattened tip. All these conditions can be improved with a non-surgical rhinoplasty with fillers (injectables).
Because of the massive amounts of fillers on the market people can get confused by the difference between each injectable. Restylane®, Perlane®, and Juvederm® are all gels made from hyaluronic acid, a natural sugar that binds water and creates fullness that lasts 6-12 months. Radiesse®, a more viscous filler, is made from tiny calcium particles in a solution, which also creates fullness that is less forgiving than the hyaluronic acid fillers but can last 1-2 years. A non-surgical rhinoplasty can be performed on patients by utilizing the different fillers depending on the concern.


Actual Patient of Bitar Institute

Of course, there are limitations to what a non-surgical rhinoplasty can accomplish. It cannot make a nose smaller, but it can create a better balance between the bridge and the tip of the nose to make it more aesthetically pleasing. It cannot improve on breathing problems, and it cannot mask major septal deviations, which needs to be accomplished surgically. Furthermore, a non-surgical rhinoplasty is a temporary procedure lasting about 6-24 months, depending on the type and quantity of filler used. This may be repeated, or the patient may elect to have a surgical rhinoplasty for more permanent results.

Preparing for the Treatment

An initial consultation is set-up where we discuss your options for non-surgical vs. surgical rhinoplasty, and whether you are a good candidate for the procedure. Since this is an in-office procedure, preparation is minimal. Since the face has excellent blood supply, patients are encouraged to stop medications that cause bleeding, such as aspirin, or aspirin products (Motrin or Ibuprofen), a week before this procedure. Mild to moderate pain is alleviated with local anesthesia or ice to numb the area that is injected.

The Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Treatment

Restylane®, Perlane®, Juvederm®, or Radiesse® may be used depending on the situation. We would inject the filler to smooth a bump, an indentation, a scar, or to give a better tip definition and a more prominent bridge (so the glasses will not slide down on the nose) to patients who have ethnic noses, such as Orientals, African-American, or Hispanic patients, who would have otherwise had nasal implants. Usually 1 cc (or 1 tube) of an injectable is sufficient to create a non-surgical rhinoplasty in minutes and no downtime!

Post-operative Care

Our office will provide you with a detailed post-operative instruction sheet that will be individualized to your needs.

For more information about this procedure call our office and speak to our friendly staff member at 703-206-0506.

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