The Bitar Cosmetic Surgery Program | Fairfax and Manassas, VA

In our commitment to serve the community, we have been approached over the years by premed students, nursing students, medical students, and plastic surgery residents at all levels to come and observe cosmetic surgeries, latest technologies in the field of cosmetic surgery, the latest procedures, and our cutting edge patient care and excellent cosmetic results in the 21st century.


Dr. Bitar and Dr. LicksteinOver time, we developed a unique and rigorous summer internship program for health care students and professionals at all levels, but mainly medical students (between the first and second year) and nursing students, to come and spend the summer at our institute and learn the high quality of care rendered to our patients, as well as have the opportunity to learn the administrative aspect of the Bitar Cosmetic Surgery Institute. Students are given projects to complete ranging from “researching the latest laser technology” to doing a survey on “satisfaction among our last 300 breast augmentation patients”. Furthermore, there is ample opportunity to observe a spectrum of cosmetic surgical procedures in an office and a first rate hospital operating room setting. Interns are also requested to participate in managerial and administrative projects such as creating additional pages for our website, and thus learning about internet importance in today’s delivery of medical care.

13615196_1055541261148538_8792437560802051991_nAt the end of the summer, the interns would have gained very valuable insight to all aspects of the wonderful world of cosmetic medicine, and would have learned valuable lessons in observation of surgeries, sitting in on consultations, and learning about after care of the skin care, injectable, and cosmetic surgery patients. We also teach them our institute’s administrative aspect function and medical decision making that would benefit them in any field of medicine or nursing that they should choose to pursue.
Due to the highly competitive nature of this internship, the spaces are limited and there is no financial compensation. Applications (consisting of a CV, a letter of intent, and and a letter of recommendation) are accepted year round at our institute with the internship time-frame being very flexible to accommodate the applicant’s schedule running between late May or early June until mid to late August with an average of a 9 to 5 / four days a week time commitment.

Please send a resume and cover letter stating why you would like to intern at the Bitar Cosmetic Surgery Institute to