Vein Treatment /Spider Veins/Broken Capallaries/Superficial Veins

Northern Virginia- Fairfax and Manassas

By: George Bitar, M.D. and Larry Lickstein, M.D.
Board Certified Plastic Surgeons

Endovenous Vein Treatment | Fairfax and Manassas, VA

Preparing for the Treatment:

On the day of your appointment, do not wear lotion, sunscreen, make-up, or any other skin product on the area being treated. If you shave your legs, you should do so no sooner than three days before your appointment. Bring your compression stocking to all office visits and wear as directed.

The Procedure:


Spider veins or telengiectasias are dilated small veins within the skin. Typically caused by hormonal changes, genetics, and injury, these small veins may or may not be associated with venous disease. Their treatment is primarily of cosmetic concern. Spider veins or telengiectasias smaller than three millimeters can be treated either with an injection of sclerotherapy solution or by  laser. Spider veins or telengiectasias greater than or equal to three millimeters are typically treated with injections of sclerotherapy solution. A soft compressive dressing or compression stockings are applied after the procedure.

Endovenous Vein Treatment - Fairfax and Manassas, VAHyperpigmentation 

Bruising and the injection of sclerocing solution can cause the skins pigmentation to darken. This is a normal part of the healing process but can be disconcerting to patients. The use of mild topical bleaching creams can help to alleviate this problem withing a few weeks to months.

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