CoolMini™ For Double Chin Removal


Exercise and weight loss do not always eliminate double chins or sagging under the jaw. CoolSculpting using CoolMini™ applicator offers a new noninvasive alternative. Liposuction requires surgery and anesthetic, as well as recovery time. A CoolMini™ procedure will numb quickly on its own due to the implementation of cold. There are no incisions to make and there are little, if any, after effects. You can return to your regular routine immediately following the procedure.*

How CoolMini™ Works

The CoolMini™ is simply a CoolSculpting procedure on a smaller scale in a more isolated area of the body, specifically on the double chin.

Utilizing a process called Cryolipolysis®, a CoolMini™ procedure targets the area under the chin to eliminate unwanted fat accumulation. There is no local anesthetic. The CoolMini™ applicator is simply clamped onto the troublesome area that is to be treated and the artic-level cold is applied over the course of 1 hour. The session is painless and you are free to read, browse through your phone, or nap while the treatment is in progress.*

After the procedure, the applicator is removed and you can go about your day. There is no need for days missed from work or any down time to recover from the procedure. Typically, a second office visit a month later will be needed for optimum results, but there will be no need for further follow-up. The frozen fat cells will die and the body will naturally dispose of the dead cells. The best results will present themselves between 1 and 3 months after the final sessions has been completed.*

coolmini before and after *Photo courtesy of Dr. Kilmer

coolmini-before-after-3 *Photo courtesy of Dr. Kilmer

Are You A Candidate?

The CoolMini™ procedure is for everyone who wants to get rid of fat under the chin. Women and men both qualify for this procedure. Only women who are pregnant or breastfeeding are considered ineligible for the CoolMini™ procedure. There are also certain types of blood disorders associated with cold that can disqualify a candidate from having this procedure. Always disclose any pre-existing conditions to Dr. Bitar before scheduling a CoolMini™ procedure. Beyond the above conditions, candidates can range in any gender, size, or age.

coolmini-before-after-2 *Photo courtesy of Dr. Burns

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*Disclaimer: Results may vary based patients’ specific situation