Laser Cellulite Treatment

Fairfax, VA – Manassas, VA – Washington DC

By: George J. Bitar M.D. & Robert F. Centeno M.D.
Board Certified Plastic Surgeons

What is Cellulite?

  • Cellulite is a common condition affecting eight out of ten women.
  • It is caused by shortened fibrous attachments to thinned skin and uneven fat deposits.
  • This condition leads to a dimpled or uneven appearance to the skin of the thighs and buttocks which can be concerning or embarrassing to many women.

While many potions, lotions, and temporary treatments have been advocated to reduce cellulite, lasting results until now have been elusive.

Who is a good candidate for CellusmoothTM?

Anyone who has mild to moderate cellulite and is otherwise in good physical condition.

Advantages of CellusmoothTM:

Cellusmooth Before and After

Photo Courtesy of Scition

  • minimally invasive procedure
  • quick recovery period
  • minimal scarring
  • minimal downtime
  • preformed in the privacy of our office

How does CellusmoothTM work?

  • The procedure is relatively simple and straightforward. A patient, who is deemed a good candidate for this procedure, is given antibiotics, and locally anesthetized in the procedure room.
  • The body is injected with tumescent solution (dilute local anesthetic) for pain relief and to decrease the bruising.
  • Very small incisions are made around the area agreed upon during the initial consultation, and laser treatment is performed to loosen the fibrous bands, melt the fat bulges, and tighten the skin.
  • The small inconspicuous incisions are closed and a compressive foam dressing and garment are applied.

Post Op Care:

Cellulite Treatment in Manassas, Virginia
  • After surgery a compressive dressing and garment is worn and patients can return to light activities including work almost immediately.
  • Mild to moderate swelling and bruising can be expected but pain is minimal and can be well controlled with Tylenol or prescription pain pills.
  • While immediate improvement may be seen, final results take three to six months to be achieved due to the bodies healing mechanisms.

Our office will provide you with a detailed pre and post-operative instruction sheet that will be individualized to your needs. We usually see patients the day after surgery in one of our offices to make sure your recovery is progressing normally. Multiple visits in the year after the procedure will ensure the best outcome possible.

For more information about this procedure please call our office and speak to our friendly staff member at 703-206-0506.

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